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Mon 27 January 2020

Managing Python dependencies with pip-tools and requirements.txt

Posted by Aly Sivji in Quick Hits   

The paradox of choice in Python packaging tools makes dependency management more complex than it needs to be. In this Quick Hit, we will explore Python dependency management and demonstrate an easy-to-implement workflow to generate reproducible environments.

Note: this article assumes familiarity with virtual environments.


We use dependency management …


Sat 07 October 2017

Terminal Tricks: Directory Bookmarks

Posted by Aly Sivji in Quick Hits   

Even though my development folders are well organized, I still have to feel my way around the filesystem when I'm looking for a project directory. It's like trying to find a lightswitch in a dark room: a cd here, an ls there, maybe a find when I'm stuck.

I always …


Fri 22 September 2017

Code Complete

Posted by Aly Sivji in Thoughts   

2017 is the year I became deliberate about my approach to programming. Like most newbie developers, I hacked together spaghetti code around chunks of answers I found on StackOverflow (Praise Be).

I didn't care how I solved the problem, only that it was solved enough to cross off my todo …